Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Healthy..ish Pancakes

(Credit for pictured pancakes has to go to my boyfriend James for testing out the recipe this morning and admittedly they look a lot better than my usual attempts)

So after my cousin thought she was revolutionary by discovering that you can make 'pancakes' from just two eggs and a banana I thought I would try it. After looking online it seems that this was a known fact amongst many before and was not quite so 'revolutionary'. I wasn't amazed with the basic two-ingredient recipe however after trying them again with my friend Louise who had added a few ingredients in, they taste pretty damn good, and a lot healthier than the usual pancakes, I think. And seen as its pancake day, what better day than today to share a yummy, suuuuper simple, recipe (I swear more non-food/fashion related posts will follow soon!)

What you need:
1tsp of Coconut Oil 
2 eggs
1 banana 
2tbsp of peanut butter 
blueberries (or fruit of your choice)
2 scoops of banana Slender Blend powder (optional)

What you do: (I warned it was super simple..)
1. Add all the ingredients apart from the blueberries into a blender and blend until a smooth mixture
2. Add coconut oil to a frying pan and melt the oil
3. Add some of the mixture to the pan in order to create a circular pancake shape (the size is upto you, can make one big one or lots of smaller ones!) 
4. Flip your pancakes (or attempt to, often in my case) when you think that one side is pretty well cooked
5. Add blueberries onto the top of the pancake and leave to cook 
6. When your pancake is cooked to perfection stack it on a plate and repeat the steps again for the rest of your stack.

Pile em' high and enjoy! 

See Louise's picture of her pancakes here.



  1. These pancakes look so good!! Love your blog!

    xx Isabel

  2. That's should be so yummy!!



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